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MY BDAY HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TODAYS MY BDAY!!!!! cant wait to see what happens ^^

ITs been great so far!! ^^ i luved the presents i got so far and thanxz to all of u!!! next sunday im gonna swim with dolphinz so cant wait till that day... but im kinda scared tho lol cuz idk where their gonna have me swim with them.... cuz i dont want wird things to touch me lol but w/e. well im in history now and again i didnt do the hw cuz the book was in my locker again. ow lol well cant wait to have lunch cuz im hungry lol and i need to go to the rest room. during class my sis called me! ^^ i miss her i wish she was here. i hope shes doing great over there. well ill b bak k mwa hugz

its after lunch!!! lol they did a surprise "party" for me ^^ lol i kinda knew when my friend was stalling me tho. well i had 2 cakes.. TWO!!! it was awesome..... my wonderful friends melie brought me one (an icecream one) and my mom brought me the other one with pastalitos and everything !! ^^ they were both good lol.well my lunch was great ALOT of people sang happy bday to me ^^ i felt so luved ^_~v. but ppl i dont talk to or dont kno.... came up to me and asked for cake... i should of said friends first then the strangers.... but again im to nice lol. then we got to the frosting of the cake... my friend put it on my face and glasses... then i was cleaning myself and then she threw a plate... a WHOLE PLATE at me full of frosting.... yea got pretty bad lol then i threw some at her and me her and my other friends got to putting frosting allover the place it was fun... very sticky... but fun. i had frosting in my hair. and cloths and i was sticky all over. but im still happy ^^ i still have to decide on where im haing the bday party. im prolly gonna have it at a bowling ally like at dolphin were u can watch a movie or w/e on a big screen right infront of u!! ^^ its so kewl ive never gone there b4 so i hope if i do do it there it wont cost to much or i have to un invite ppl... which i dont want to do... but if i have to only my closest friends will come. i just hope the ppl i do invite come cuz it wont be the same ^^ . im in 7th period now... we're righting notes... again... man are teach makes us writes alot of notes. im just so happy today ^^ :D well on a sad note my ex didnt say happybday to me :( but who cares right!!! hez an ass... my friends call him moron, idiot , ass , ass hole lol and my friend wants to kill him so yea... well enough about that lol. well ill update this again... i something else happens :) bye for now


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Mar. 1st, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
happy b day
sry i forgot 2 tellu that this morning jemima reminded me
Mar. 1st, 2005 04:10 pm (UTC)
thanxz ^^ its sok... yea i heard u yell it lol
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 1st, 2005 07:34 pm (UTC)
thank u mario!!! *glompz* if u got a piece of cake i hope u liked it!!! :)
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