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hey again srry i didnt do this saterday but w/e yesterday was ok. i was the first one up which was kinda weird lol. later on in the day i went to my violin lessons and i learned a song twinkle twinkle little star. then went bak home to put the violin and flute there and then went to the movies. on the way we discussed wat movie to watch. i was voting for Constantine while my brother was saying cursed asnd my dad was saying we can probably watch those and hitch. the whole way i was saying Constantine but my dad kept on saying that my brother wasnt ready for it. i got kinda fustrated cuz i can never see the movie that i wanna see cuz my brother cant handle it. i wish he can just grow up and not be a baby. so we ended up watching hitch. which was funny by the way lol. i saw amanda there when i was leaving the theatre ^^. then we went bak home and i practiced my violin.... and when i practiced that song didnt sound like twikle twinkle.... it sounded different so now i think im doing it wrong...so now i have to just practice and do my best and on saterday hopefully my teach wont get mad that i didnt get it the first time T_T.
well now itz sunday and its going good so far... in 1 day is my bday!!!!! ^^ cant wait.... but i feel so old lol. well im off mayb ill comebak and edit

buh byes

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